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Synergy means the sum of all the parts is greater than the whole. Relationships between the parts that make up the whole, they have a meaning regardless of the parts and they add meaning to the whole. The parts gain meaning thanks to these relationships and integrate with other parts. Two people one by one that leads to a bigger thought than you think, communication involving a larger whole that covers both people.

It is magical piece painted by Turkish artist Nur Akkayali.

Our kimono is unisex and meant to offer diversity with a sustainable approach. Meant for travel, lounging around, summer festivals or daily routines, our kimonos fit all humans and all occasions.


%100 silk fabric

Wide fit, unlined - Open closure, low shoulders, short kimono, one size

For best results, eco-friendly dry cleaning is ideal. The second best option is to hand wash cold and line dry.

Our wearable art design collection is designed with the production team and the end-consumer in mind. Redesign Club’s designs carry not only the signature of the country they were made in, but the heart and love of the local artist that crafted it too.

Worldwide shipping available. Delivery time can vary depending on the courier you have chosen and where you live in the world. Delivery time is 1-3 working days in Turkey, 3-7 working days in other countries. 

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