Sustainable fashion isn't a product. It's a practice, it's a movement. You are invited to participate and get started right now!

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Every design is unique, that is why products you like may become out of stock! However we can design similar, but special for you.

seasonless fashion

Designing seasonless fashion means designing high-quality clothing for durability, functionality and beauty.

Get ready for festival seaoson!

who made my clothes?

All of our clothes made by household Turkish women, in their home with their love.


"At REDESIGN CLUB, we collect products that are not only kind to the planet and the people who make them but also ensure good quality for our customers. We work with special designers, artists, and local brands to gather high-quality products and then redesign them by hand."

"Every design is unique, which is why products you like may become out of stock. However, we can create a new one for you! Here, you can browse all of our past designs and choose one for us to redesign just for you."
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You are unique. Feel it, Wear it!

We believe recycling/upcycling is the ultimate sustainable practice and we presente you a gorgeous collection made of eclectic pieces, for the creatives and those who like to feel unique.