These pieces are collections of traditions, stories and passion. Revolution of fashion!


Sustainable fashion isn't a product. It's a practice, it's a movement. You are invited to participate and get started right now.

Wear Your Values

You will support housewives behind it when you buy recycled clothes.


Simple, but very clear. The base of slow fashion and the only way we will stop fast fashion. You don't need a lot, you need good quality. A wardrobe that will last longer and make you happy every time you wear it. At REDESIGN CLUB we collected products that not only are nice to the planet and the people that work for them but that also assure good quality to their costumers.


“We make beautiful stylish clothes that don’t sacrifice style for content, that give the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a difference while still looking & feeling great!”

Our passion is design and our philosophy is sustainability!
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Start to reuse your clothing again & again!

When you wear REDESIGN, you are choosing a better way: clothing that is healthier for you and healthier for the world, soft on the earth and kind to the people who make it. You can feel the difference in every piece! Our passion is design and our philosophy is sustainability!

REDESIGN CLUB will continue to INVEST IN SUSTAINABLE FABRICS, which supports ethical practices and diverts money from fast fashion. You will BUY LESS, only getting something that is in line with your values. Instead of buying lots of small, lower quality items You'll save up for a few high quality pieces over the year.