We hope you are still alright in these times of crisis. Maybe feeling more stress than usual, maybe you do have more time than usual at home and you can really slow down a bit. Imagine that there will be a profound awekening after this time of crisis. In order for us to be sustainable as an industry and as human beings we must break old patterns and find new, more elevated ways of living. 

Read this content to discover some simple steps on how to do an ethical wardrobe simple changes for a happier, healthier and greener world. Now before we told we want to explain to discussion what is ‘’ethical fashion’’.

Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion is when a brand has fair trade practices and builds respect for their workers in every step of their supply chain. They focus on creating high quality garments but sharing the profits equally to every part of the chain. Ethical fashion is knowing that it isn't just a clothe. There is a human being and a story behind and we should care.

Change Your Mindset!

Why do you need 30 pairs of shoes? Why do you need 5 black dresses? Changing this mindset is what will help you release your urge to materialism and eventually will help you feel even lighter and happier. starting to become a minimalist does not only change your wardrobe, but the way you see life. It also makes you start an ethical wardrobe.


    You take good care of what you have. Start to reuse your clothing again! 

    2. BUY LESS

    You buy less, only getting something that is in line with your values. 

    3. TAKE CARE

    You take with care, washing your clothes on gentle, and mending as needed instead of donating them, knowing that 80% of donated clothes still end up in the landfill or burned.

    4. INVEST

    You invest in sustainable brands, which supports ethical practices.


    85% of textile workers is a woman, only 1% of all clothing is produced under fair working conditions... So if you want to support women, you should start buying fair trade clothing!


    Recycle your clothing and shop local second hand shops.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating outfits, posting the same dress on your Instagram, rewearing a beautiful dress to a wedding. If you learn to love your clothes and always think if an item will be wearable with more than 50% of your closet, you will find that recycling is a fun way of “shopping your closet”. We hope this extensive post has at least inspired you in some way to become part of the fashion revolution that is slowly changing the way this industry works as well as how to start an ethical wardrobe on a budget.

    We are at the beginning of change right now!

    Simple, but very clear… The only way we will stop fast fashion. You don’t need a lot, you need good quality to a wardrobe that make you happy every time you wear it. You can order your personalized outfit or send us your clothes. Let us redesign and send to you back. the future of our planet is very important anymore. We know that every day should be earth day. Sustainability is NOT a trend, is the only answer possible.

    At Redesign Club, we use unused pieces to create unique dresses. If you would like to order specially designed dress for yourself write us.

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