We are all on thIs planet together and we all have to work together to save It.
Who made your clothes? A question you probably heard before.. Well, it's important! As a society we purchase 400% more clothing today than we did 20 years ago. This is fuelling a demand for fast fashion at low cost and as a result those involved in the supply chain are suffering. Years on, the fashion industry still exploits too many from child labour in cotton fields to bonded labour in garment factories, the global fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to modern slavery.

We all know that feeling of finding a nice t-shirt for really really cheap, as well as finding a t-shirt that we don't really need but it is so cheap that we buy it anyway. By now you hopefully realise that someone else is paying the price for this. And who is paying? Not the brand, of course, the workers. All they want is to have enough money to feed themselves, their kids, and send their children to school. With the money they make in fast-fashion they often can't afford any of that. Is it this fair? Of course not! We are not saying this is completely our responsibility, but we can help.

We're calling on our community to ask!

Ethical fashion is knowing that it isn't just a t-shirt. Colour and design are not the only things that matter, the story behind a piece of clothing is just as important. There is a human being and a story behind and we should care. How is this piece going to affect the workers that made it? How is it going to affect our planets future? 85% of textile workers is a woman, only 1% of all clothing is produced under fair working conditions...
So if you want to support women, you should start buying fair trade clothing! By spending money on fast fashion you're telling retailers that this kind of treatment is okay, but you have the power to make a choice. Tell them you won't stand for this and instead put your money towards companies that create safe and fairly paid jobs for these women. Help make their voices heard and put a stop to this toxic cycle Buy second hand & support small brands, Invest in quality pieces that'll last you and next time you go clothes shopping ask yourself how many times you're going to wear that item , this way you'll end up with a wardrobe full of things you cherish.

Choose clothes that you are sure nobody suffered for. We all deserve to have a good and happy life and work in save and hygienic conditions, If we all choose for fair fashion, we can change peoples lives! If you're looking to take your conscious consumerism a step further, there are a plethora of brands that actively support and empower female workers.

We existed to start a change by being aware of the hands to open a new page to your life and touch everything we wear. As REDESIGN CLUB, we thought what we can do on fashion industry’s impact on environmental and women. Since we started this business, we have created a fund that will contribute to the home economies by giving priority to women's social development in everything we do. Values are important to us, we should not look at people as a means of making profit, we should use the creative power of humanity.

We support the power, grit and commitment of women with our collection - proudly designed and developed by women.

Style is knowing that the hands that make your clothing are "HAPPY" hands.

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